Wednesday, September 21, 2011

iPad apps for Music Instruction

To say that I was thrilled to be receiving an iPad to use for school would definitely be an understatement. I received the device last week, and have been studiously researching (playing) apps and methods to use in the classroom.

Here are some things that I have been using daily in class (or out):

Safari - the default web browser is PERFECTLY set up for my needs when I am checking in the students weekly blog posts. I use another browser for my personal web browsing, but for class, Safari works great.

Blogger- This is the google issued blog writing app for the iOS platform. It is barebones, but functional.

Blogsy - a $4.99 blogging app that allows for much more creativity in posts -- bold, italic, colored text, strikethrough, etc. Not necessary for general use, but fun for me.

first-class- The app is so helpful for communication! I love it!

HT Recorder -- this app is AMAZING. And free! (Although I couldn't find the FREE app when I was searching for the link. Very strange.)  I record the band playing songs, and then when I work with the small group that was not able to fit it in the schedule, they can play along with the recording! Also useful for interpretation and analysis - did we achieve the musical style goals we had set?

ProTuner - another free app that is incredibly useful for a musician. It is a tuner! We used to spend $30 - 40 on a quality tuner, and now they are available as free apps. Unbelievable!

Tap Metronome - another incredible free app that replaces devices that would range in cost from $10 - 25. This app helps set the tempo (speed) that you wish to play, in a variety of different ways. Very useful for any musician.

There you have it- a basic list of the ways that I am using the iPad already in classes, and the apps that I use. I will go back and edit with links to the apps, if I can, and I will update the blog as I find more noteworthy apps to use.

Again - this blog post created using the Blogger app, but edited at the website on my MacBook.

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