Thursday, May 23, 2013

Standards Based Report Card for Band Classes -- 6th Grade, 7th-8th Grade, High School

I was inspired to get on board with Standards Based Reporting after taking part in a course designed for music teachers to understand assessment practices. It was a thrilling class -- the chance to discuss what works and what doesn't and make informed decisions with new colleagues from around the state was an experience that changed me as an educator for the good!

Knowing that the state is moving forward with standards based reporting, grading and diplomas, I took advantage of the time and created my band stands for my high school level students as part of the requirements for the class. After the class was finished, I revised and adapted them for grades 7-8 and grade 6.

The challenge, of course, is implementing them and reporting them while still in a traditional grading system. In another post I will share how I decide to handle this quandary!

Here is the link for the High School Standards for Band Class.
Here is the link for the Standards for 6th Grade Band Class.

The standards were designed around and incorporate the Maine Learning Results for Music.