About Meredith

Hi there.

I'm Meredith, and I am the 5th-12th grade band director for a small community in Maine. I love ALL. THINGS. TECHNOLOGY and am comfortable with both iOS and Android, Mac and Windows and have the unique perspective of being able to see the benefits of both sides of the technology war.

I started this blog as a fun place to share some of the technology related things that I was doing in my rehearsal room -- but sometimes my ideas of education in general make their way into my posts as well.

Because I am, well, distractible, I write about what I am thinking about, when I am thinking about it. Therefore you can search for posts by category or by using the search bar in the right sidebar.

Other things that may interest you:

  • We are packing up our entire lives and moving to the Nashville, TN area at the end of this school year. 
  • I simply cannot pick a single favorite color. Or a favorite instrument. Or ice cream flavor. I love many, many things. I would rather have a small group of favorites than just one favorite.
  • I play Bach trombones - a 42BO, a 36, and an alto trombone (don't know the model number).
  • I have a gorgeous Taylor Big Baby guitar, and an equally gorgeous (in sound, if not in appearance) Fishman Amp and Shure microphone-- because my husband is a really sweet guy who likes to hear me sing.
  • Oh yeah -- I sing as well as play trombone. Vocally harmonizing with others is probably in my top five favorite things in the world.
  • The iPad revolutionized the way that I teach my ensembles. Playing assessments now are as seamless as rehearsing a song. 
  • If I was not a band director, I would absolutely LOVE to be an Technology Integration Teacher. I have worked side by side with school's Integration Teacher, and have absolutely loved the process of helping my colleagues find ways that technology can support the awesome work they are doing with students.
  • I have always lived in Maine. I went to college about 20 minutes from my home, at the best music education program in our state. 
  • Laughter and humor are a huge part of my teaching style. I love to create an environment of fun that is based on a relationship of mutual respect for each other.
  • In efforts to make my writing be as dynamic as my vocal inflection, I have a tendency to OVERUSE all capitals and exclamation points!!!! (Case in point, tongue in cheek.)
I'm sure there is more that I will decide later that you absolutely have to know. But for now - that's a good start. If you have questions, I would love to hear from you! Feel free to email me at meredithdukeband at gmail dot com.  

Have a great day!