Thursday, April 4, 2013

iPad Apps for the (Music) Teacher

I am trying to get as much information formulated into blog posts as I can, so that it will be available to music teachers as our state transitions to iPads from laptops.  I have been using the iPad with my high school students for two years, though only this past year has it been 1 to 1.  Here are some of the apps (or tricks) that I use every day.

PowerTeacher  -- This is the mobile version of the PowerTeacher computer program. It has all of the functionality, though it does take some adjustment to get used to the layout and how things need to be entered. It is much quicker to load, and very easy to use if you are doing a quick walk-around the room assessment.

Bookmarks saved to Home Screen from Safari (or other browser):  I often will find the mp3 recordings of the pieces we are playing from JW Pepper, and then save them to the home screen -- it makes a little app box,  which I then turn into a "folder" that has all of the music for any given grade level.  It saves a lot of time having it right there.

Puffin Browser - This app is amazing.  The free version gives you access to flash websites for 14 days. I didn't realize that it was only a trial when I first wrote the post about it, but -- $2.99 to access all flash websites? It might be worth it for the state to consider pushing this to all of the iPads.  There may be an app that does this already in the suite of apps they are considering, but we don't know what they are yet.

Chrome for iPad -- I am a Google Chrome person. I just like it. However, the convenience of being able to open lots and lots of tabs means that, well. . . you have to close LOTS and LOTS of tabs.

Moxtra  - see my in depth description of how we are using this amazing app for creating a digital portfolio, and for assessment.

Fairway Solitaire - I can't explain it, but I love this game. Seriously. When I play all of the levels, I delete it, re-install it, and start over.  It is that addictive.  So- maybe you should stay away.

First Class Email - If your school uses the First Class Email client, the app is very handy.

GarageBand -  I use this app every day -- and I am SO EXCITED about the possibility of using it with my seventh and eighth graders next year!!  I discover something new every time I use it.

Nearpod   -  a very cool classroom management, presentation app that allows you to take control of the students' iPads.  Doing interactive quizzes using this platform is an experience!!

TED Talks - And endless source of inspiration and creativity!  Look up Evelyn Glennie, Bobby McFerrin -- and get lost in the results from a "music" search.

Cloud storage resources -- I use many!
Google Drive
Cloud On

iReal b -  Imagine every real book you have every seen plus Jamey Abersold play-along track!  That is what this AMAZING (worth every penny of the $9.99 price tag) is.  Not only that, you can create your own songs, inputting the chord changes you want the "band in a box" to play.  I love this app!!

These are some of the apps that I use all the time!  I hope this list has been helpful!

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