Friday, October 26, 2012

iPad for Playing Assessment

What an amazing week!

Last weekend-- Friday afternoon and Saturday all day -- I attended a class on assessment in the music classroom.  I came away so excited about everything that I had learned, with renewed enthusiasm and vigor for assessments and standards based teaching.

While talking with the other teachers at the class, I was inspired by some of the things they do with their classes.   Now that our high school is 1 to 1 with iPads, it was time to leverage this amazing technology!

Using the iTalk Recorder app (the free version), the students set the ipad up on their music stand, with the 40 measure selection we had determined to record beside it.  They started the recording, and we all played the section of the piece together, and then they emailed their recordings to me.

What a wealth of information!
I have a much greater picture of where we stand on this song because of this exercise.  Some of recordings were exactly as I expected, while others were such pleasant surprises.  I was able to send students meaningful feedback that without time for small group lessons has otherwise been missing.

We will be doing this frequently!

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